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Blake Matthews
Assocaite/Lead Shooter


Hello!! I’m not a fan of writing bios, but you have to get to know me a bit, right? I typically go by Blake but I do have a long list of nicknames and don’t mind you adding to it! I’m originally from Atalanta, GA but I am now currently based out of Lansing, MI.


I picked up my first camera almost 10 years ago and immediately knew being creative and photography would always be a part of my life. Believe it or not, though, it took 7 years to start doing it as a full-time business.


I own a small dog named Kynng and have two younger sisters. I have not yet been blessed with a wife or children, but my family keeps me busy and on my toes. You should also be aware that I’m a little nerdy. I’m a big fan of pretty much every Marvel, Harry Potter, and Star wars movie ever made.


Outside of capturing your heartwarming moments, being creative, and just seeing the joy and love in weddings. I have a love for music, reading, fitness, and traveling…, especially for destination weddings!!!

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