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Cesilie Castle

Second Shooter



Hi there! I’m Cesilie Castle; pronounced like the Italian island Sicily but with an E! I’m a wife and a stepmom to an amazing and independent boy. I have two dogs and two cats; and in each pair the males are orange colored and the females are black colored. Total coincidence! I am originally from and currently live in southeast Michigan but spent a chunk of my later childhood years in south-central Texas. I moved back to the mitten state for college, met my husband and the rest is history in the making! I love spending time with my family and traveling wherever we can. Whether it be a spur-of-the moment weekend getaway or well-planned long trip, we love exploring new places and making experiences our memories. I have loved and enjoyed photography since I was little. I received my first digital camera when I was only 11 years old and ever since, I have done whatever I can to snap memories and life’s moments whenever possible. It’s such an honor to be a part of Sondra’s team to share and capture your life’s moments so you can treasure them forever!

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