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Emily O'Brien

Second Shooter



Hi! My name is Emily O'Brien and I've been working with Sondra for the past three years. I recently moved to Chicago for my MA in Museum studies and currently work as a Museum Assistant on top of working with Sondra.


Working as a photographer was never a planned thing for me--it was something that sounded fun and like something I could do in my free time. However, after working with Sondra for so long I've come to realize that photography has quickly become an integral part of my life. The joy I find in learning new techniques and coming up with creative ways to capture YOUR moment has given me so much happiness and has made me more determined to continue to take photos and better my skills everyday.


I think what I love most is how photography has changed the way I look at the world, because it has taught me that you can find something interesting, fun, beautiful, emotional, etc. anywhere--you just have to look for it. I can't wait to continue this journey and find new people, places, and things to capture and show their true beauty.

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