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How Aftershoot's AI Software Changed My Photography Workflow

How Aftershoot's AI Software Changed My Photography Workflow

I was very skeptical when I first heard about Aftershoot.

My sister kept saying, “You have to try it!” But like so many photographers, I want total control over my selections and edits, and I was afraid I would lose that.

Let me tell you, Aftershoot busted that myth right off the bat.

I still have complete control over my images – I just don’t need to spend hours culling and editing them anymore!

So, what is Aftershoot?

Aftershoot is an app that uses AI algorithms to speed up image culling and editing for photographers.

  • It works offline on your desktop so that you can run the software anywhere and at any time.

  • The user-friendly app has two tools: CULL, which is the AI culling platform and EDITS, which is Aftershoot’s AI editing platform.

  • It integrates with Lightroom & Capture One (for now, the editing function only works with Lightroom but more options will come soon).

You can try Aftershoot for free for 30 days and the paid plan has a flat rate, so you can cull and edit unlimited images for a monthly/yearly fee.

What I absolutely love about Aftershoot EDITS is that it learns MY editing style and applies it to my unedited photographs.

It’s AI, but it’s personal. It edits images the way you would have done it – only much, much faster.

How does Aftershoot edit like you?

With AI Profiles, which are like your own personal presets.

To create your AI Profile, you simply upload 2,500-5,000 of your previously edited photos from your Lightroom Catalogs into Aftershoot and let the AI learn from the adjustments you made to those images.

Once training is complete, you can start adding unedited photos to Aftershoot and let the AI editor work its magic at lightning speed.

Take a look below at how Aftershoot edited these images for me. I didn’t make any changes to the edits.

Note: I only uploaded 3,000 images when training my AI Profile and the results were still very impressive!

The best part is, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the edits Aftershoot makes, you can make any further adjustments to those images – so you are still in total control of what you send to your clients at the end of the day.

Plus, the AI keeps learning from the changes you make, so it only gets more accurate the more you use it!

Editing a wedding shoot used to take me days. Now, it only takes a few hours, if that!

I have saved an astonishing amount of time thanks to Aftershoot. And it’s not just me…

On average, Aftershoot CULL alone saves a photographer 10 hours per week. Just think about what you could be doing instead of spending those hours in front of the computer!

Take advantage of the deal of a lifetime!

Aftershoot has introduced the exclusive Founder's Plan, giving you the chance to subscribe to their top-tier plan for a limited time.

By seizing this exclusive offer, you will unlock limitless access to Aftershoot's culling and editing features at an annual subscription cost of just $499, which remains fixed indefinitely regardless of any future app updates.

You will receive comprehensive benefits, all for the same annual fee that will be locked in for life.

The Founder’s Plan includes:

  • AI-Powered culling & editing

  • UNLIMITED images & projects

  • AI straightening & cropping

  • Simple, transparent pricing

  • Prebuilt AI Profiles (coming soon)

  • Profile sharing (coming soon)

  • Local adjustments (coming soon)

  • + All future app updates

Secure your place in the Aftershoot UNLIMITED revolution before it’s too late.

Aftershoot has been an absolute game-changer for me when it comes to culling and editing photos.

Its impact on my workflow has been nothing short of remarkable, allowing me to prioritise time with my family and still deliver outstanding results to my clients.

The unlimited Founder's Plan not only gives you access to this invaluable tool for your photography business but also offers significant long-term savings.

Time is crucial, so seize this opportunity before it's gone!

In conclusion

If you want to elevate your photography and streamline your workflow like never before, I strongly recommend incorporating Aftershoot into your process.

It is the ultimate solution for saving time, thanks to its powerful AI capabilities.

Don't waste another moment. Embrace the power of AI and unlock your true creative potential with Aftershoot!

If you’d like to watch me talk to Aftershoot’s Co-founder, Justin Benson, about this revolutionary software, go check out the video on my Facebook Group.

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